Tim Curry Send Ins


Items due March 5th. Signing late March 2020.


Product Description

Items due March 5th. Signing late March 2020.

Additional Information

Available Options

8×10's, DVD's, 11×14, 11×17, Toy's, 12×18 or larger flat, Clothing or Props, Books

How to order:

1) Read, print and sign your site confirmation page which must accompany each item you send in.
2) Select your item type.
3) If you'd like Personalized, add your name i.e. "To Jeff" in the notes section
4) Enter a detailed description of your send-in item.
5) Click "Add To Cart" and proceed to checkout or continue adding to your order.
Send-in items must arrive at the address below by November 15th, NO EXCEPTIONS.
Mail all send-in items to:
OC Celebrity Marketing LLC.
27762 Antonio Pkwy L1-216
Ladera Ranch, CA 92694
We reserve the right to extend or end early any signing to best accommodate the actor's schedule. Pre-ordering autographed photos in combination with other items in our store will delay shipment of the rest of your order. All orders are subject to actor's schedule. Any offer cancelled by the actor or OC Celebrity Marketing LLC. will be refunded. By ordering, you agree to all terms listed here.


Please include a post-it-note attached to the back of your item with your name, address & order number as it's shown on your invoice and put a post-it-note on the front of your item showing where you would like the actor to sign and in what color.

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